How to copy photos (with any luck)

I use Netscape on my PC in Windows 95/98 and I just put my cursor in the middle of whichever picture I want to capture and right click with the mouse. I get a new menu that has "View Image" and "Save Image As" among other options. The "View Image" selection also shows the file name I gave the picture. When I select "View Image" I get a new page with just the picture I've selected displayed. From here I can print the picture or save it to my computer. The "Save Image As" selection only allows the option to save each individual photo to my computer (something that can be done from the "View Image" selection). Both choices use the resolution the photo was originally uploaded at. I have run into a problem with "AOL" changing the photos' resolution to something really low when we tried saving them with the "Save Image As" selection. I didn't try using the "View Image" choice.

I think all you have to do on a Mac is put your cursor in the middle of the picture you want and click and drag it to your desktop and either print or save it from there.

Incidently this will work for almost any photo or icon you see on the web that you'd like to copy.