Clara Nicholas' family
Tom &
(Mary Ann)
Jane, Tom
& William
Clara & Polly
Elias &

4 Gens of Nicholas
William William & Ruth
William & wife 2 William, wife, sons

Here's what I know so far (courtesy Ruth Ann (Salusso) Delich); rear left to right; Ernest (wife Annie 1895 - 1983, son William, daughters Peggy, Bernice, Babe and Louise), Will (son Howard), Eliza (at least 2 daughters), Elias (wife Laura) and Charlie (?)
From left front; Steven, Clara (Richards), Jim (?), Jane (mother), Robert (wife Jane, Jane and Laura were sisters) and Polly her real name was Mary Ann (married name Ranoudah, daughter Alice Nowike). Another son Tom was born after this was taken. Tom died in 1982 (wife Iris, 8 boys and 1 girl) The picture was taken in England in 1894, when Clara was 16.

The note on the back of  the copy my mom (Barbara Bennett) had says there were 2 more children born later. If that's true who's the other kid? What was Eliza's married name? What was Jane's maiden name?

Original size= 6 1/4" W x 3 3/8" H
These dimensions may be wrong. My original is a photocopy.